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Beacon of Excellence

We make your child’s educational experience extraordinary with our learning and extra-curricular programs designed to educate and develop your child in preparedness for great achievements. Reekworth is not just a school, but a dedicated community of staff, parents and partners invested in every child’s success


Committed To Our Students Success.

Reekworth Schools has been a beacon of excellence in educating and preparing students for impact and leadership. Our campuses, located in Mabelreign and Borrowdale, Harare, offer ease of access and options from Nursery School to High School. Our curriculum is a unique blend of Cambridge, Zimsec and Connect the Dots (Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training). 

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Proven Track Record

The Reekworth learning model is dynamic and wholistic with a proven track record of success (90% pass rate each year). With a blend of curriculum and extra-curricular activities, each child is stretched to their best as we seek to unveil their potentials.  


Our pupils get great and unforgettable learning experience and enviroment with us


Our extra-curricular activities are specially formulated to cover areas not touched by class activities


We have added extra courses such as entrepreneurship and leadership education to better shape the students future

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The Reekworth Experience

As we continue in our tradition of grooming excellence, we aim to educate and tutor leaders of character who will achieve great things and greatly impact the world positively


Our well-designed and structured curriculum ensures the academic excellence of our students


We offer a wide range of sporting activities for all levels from Primary to High school.


We have a number of school clubs and progammes aimed at unlocking the full potential of our students

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Each year we graduate excellent, well rounded students that will enable positive change in the society and world at large.

Nursery School
We aim to provide a fun and nurturing learning environment that promotes children’s independence, well-being and development.
Primary School
Our Primary school promises the best and efficient learning process to unlock our students potential
High School
Our curriculum is a unique blend of Cambridge, Zimsec and experiential learning (Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training)

Bringing Excellence To Students.

Reekworth Schools is an educational institution that shapes and inspires young minds between the ages of 2 and 16 years old through working within and challenging the rigid educational system in Zimbabwe. In addition to the Zimbabwean curriculum students also learn entrepreneurship, leadership, empathy, creative thinking and problem solving skills which challenge them to move from theory to applying knowledge in the real world. Learning Happens both inside and out of the classroom with an array of extra-curricular activities and interactions with professionals working in today’s world.

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Personalised support that ensures success.

What Other Parents Have to Say

Pelagia Musariri Parent

I love the school l really do God bless you more Mrs Munemo

Nomcebo Amanda Sibanda Parent

Reekworth School created a solid foundation for my son. Keep up the good work Mrs Munemo and team!

George Victor Parent

I love the class and effort put into the school, it's a beautiful school

Ryan Nyamadzawo Student

it's a good school as for me I learnt There

The Reekworth Experience

We make your child’s educational experience extraordinary, with our learning and extra-curricular programs designed to educate and develop your child in preparedness for great achievements.

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