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The website is intended to introduce you to the Reekworth family. It serves a dual purpose of providing the necessary information needed for new and existing parents as well as an insight into our school’s aims, beliefs, vision and mission statements. It is near-impossible to encapsulate on the pages of a website all the learning activities and experiences that make up what daily life is like at our school. However, we implore and invite you to explore further. 


At Reekworth Schools, we aim to educate and tutor leaders of character who will achieve great things and greatly impact the world positively. To achieve these, we inbue our students with our unique learning models alongside personal guidance towards character building and excellent leadership skills. 

our story

Reekworth Schools is an educational institution that shapes and inspires young minds between the ages of 2 and 16 years old through working within and challenging the rigid educational system in Zimbabwe. In addition to the Zimbabwean curriculum students also learn entrepreneurship, leadership, empathy, creative thinking and problem solving skills which challenge them to move from theory to applying knowledge in the real world. Learning Happens both inside and out of the classroom with an array of extra-curricular activities and interactions with professionals working in today’s world.


Founded in 2010 as a 5 student nursery school in a residential living room, the school has grown to over 370 students (nursery, primary & high school) and several campuses in Harare and employs over 45 staff members. Currently, the school has embarked on a boarding school construction project having acquired 10 ha of land to build in Chegutu (100km from Harare). Reekworth schools aims to afford every child a chance at quality education and offers free admission to 40 students who are orphaned or from disadvantaged backgrounds. In future, Reekworth envisions having multiple campuses across the continent too.



Our vision is to enable transformation by training students to become exceptional change-makers and highly impactful and globally relevant citizens.

our solution to some problems of the education system in the continent

A uniquely relevant educational model for teachers and students that focuses on changing mindset and behaviors through: – 


our lead-team


belinda munemo

CEO / Founder
reekworth schools

Belinda Munemo is a graduate of the Mandela School of Public Governance(University of Cape-Town)…..   Read More


laiza mataruse

Founder, Board of Trustees Director, Reekworth Schools, Zimbabwe

Laiza has served in several leadership capacities for many high profile broadcasting companies in Zimbabwe…..   Read More


victor george

AI Expert

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Gaby is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

latest updates

Convocation Program

25th convocation program is going to held on Dec 20, 2016. All the passed students of graduate and post graduate students are highly encourage and request to apply for coming convocation. It’s all about proofing yourself to become a graduate students. Grab the opportunity this time, don’t miss it.

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Educational Tour

Educational tour for biology students of bachelor 6th semester is going to held on coming 20th of November to 25th of November. Every students are invited. Please fill the form and registered your name here. If you missed the registration, we are sorry to carry you on tour. Register it as soon as possible.

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Welcome Program

Our university organize student welcome program on every year. This program will help to introduce the students with each other and can share their ideas, feelings and many more. This program is going to held on coming next Sunday. Every students, staff, faculties and parents are welcome.

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    In this period of the rapidly spreading and evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) - which has resulted in so much unsettling and terrifying conditions affecting our homes, communities and businesses - it is our duty to keep ourselves safe to prevent the spread of the virus and keep others safe. At Reekworth Schools, we are concerned about the well-being of our students, parents and partners and will observe all safety routines and protocols